Bring the data and insights of digital to your TV campaigns

Three quarters of our global advertisers already run Connected TV/Over-the-top (OTT) ads through our platform. Why? Because it brings the targeting and measurement capabilities of programmatic to your TV campaigns, helping you reach a bigger audience and fully understand performance.

Premium inventory
Run your ads on major network, cable providers and streaming platforms around the world.

Data-driven targeting
Use first- and third-party data to reach your most valuable audiences on every screen — just like with your other digital campaigns.

Cross-device retargeting
retarget viewers who have seen your CTV/OTT commercials across all their connected devices.
Precise frequency control
Control how often you show your ads across all channels so audiences have the best experience possible.

Unified measurement
Track the impact of your campaigns with digital and traditional metrics, including reach, frequency, video completion rates, online/offline sales and more.
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